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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I eligible to use

If you are a senior, child of a senior or a caregiver then you are certainly eligible to take advantage of the website and all of the benefits this revolutionary tool offers!

Q. What does MyElderScore mean? exists to help seniors and caregivers prepare for what may lie ahead. Upon completing the entire test (the Spiritual section is optional), your results will appear with your initial ElderScore. You will also see both your State average ElderScore and the National average ElderScore. This ElderScore is personal to you and your life and your ElderScore will be improved if you improve the areas where you where not satisfied with your numerical ElderScore.

Q. How do I improve MyElderScore? helps seniors improve their preparedness for the transitions associated with aging. Once you complete the test for the first time, your ElderScore Results Report will be displayed together with both your state and the national averages, the questions which you answered "NO" and "NOT SURE" to as well as the recommended Advisors in your geographical area that can help you change that "NO" or "NOT SURE" to a "YES". You can improve your ElderScore on your own, with your own professionals or with the recommend Advisors. Of course it is recommended that you seek competent guidance as these are very important matters. Once you are confident that you can answer the "NO" and "NOT SURE" questions in the affirmative, then return to the site, login and retake that Section. Upon completion of those sections you are retaking, your new and improved ElderScore will appear on the results page. You can update your results page as often as you like.
The recommended Advisors are prepared to help you improve your ElderScore in each of the individual sections. It is your decision who you choose to work with but once you do complete a recommended step, your ElderScore can increase if you login and update the answers in that section. You will find yourself more prepared if you undertake the recommended steps to improve your ElderScore.

Q. How often can I update MyElderScore?

Once you have become a registered user of, you can login and update your score at any time. We encourage you to meet with the recommended Advisors that are listed for the purpose of improving your ElderScore. For example, if you scored low in your Legal section because you do not have a proper Durable Power of Attorney, but then you hired a qualified attorney and had one prepared for you, then that is the time to login and update your answers. This will improve your ElderScore.

Q. Is there a fee to use

No, is a free service to help Americans best prepare for the transitions associated with aging.

Q. Do the Qualified Advisors work for

No, the eldercare professionals listed on our site and those we call Advisors, are individual professionals or organizations and not employees or independent contractors of MyElderScore, Inc. Only the recommended Advisors found in your Results Report have been through our application process. All other listed eldercare professionals and organizations are for informational purposes only and have not been vetted in any way by It is recommended that you interview and meet with the recommended Advisors to see if you want to work with him or her. Each Advisor recommended to you has met our requirements for listing and recommendation. You should only work with eldercare professionals that you are comfortable working with whether or not they are recommended by MyElderscore, Inc. does not offer legal, health, tax, financial or spiritual advice.

Q. Do I have to work with the Advisor that was recommended to me by

The recommended Advisors are offered as a voluntary service to you as they have met the qualifications to be listed and recommended. It is your decision to decide whom you work with.

Q. Can I rate the Advisor that helped me?

Yes, in fact, we encourage you to. Our goal is to only have reputable and helpful advisors listed on our site. Your input helps us and others make the correct decisions as to who to work with. Once you are logged in, you can rate your interactions with any of the Advisors you have met through This will help other seniors and caregivers to best select which Advisor is best for them and their situation.

Q. Is the test a scientific survey? is an informational and education tool and not a scientific survey. Its purpose is twofold: to educate seniors and their caregivers by helping them determine how prepared they for the transitions associated with aging and secondly, to bring together eldercare professionals and consumers that are in need of assistance in preparing for those transitions.

Q. Why is the Spiritual component optional?

The Spiritual component of is optional because many people nationwide believe that Spirituality itself is optional. At, our goal is to help people prepare for all of the transitions associated with aging and we want as many people as possible to take advantage of this entire tool.